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The technological revolution is leading the automotive industry to a radical transformation that has led car manufacturers to revise their business model. In this connected world we live in, more and more people are choosing their vehicles on the basis of the digital experience they offer. To meet these needs, the big players are defining strategic partnerships to create real digital ecosystems. The other two determining factors are sustainable mobility that, passing through hybrid architectures to full-electric, aims to globally achieve zero emissions, the evolution of driver assistance systems (ADASs) which aim to obtain completely autonomous vehicles in the near future. Kineton is a technological partner which provides customers with specialized support on everything related to the embedded software life-cycle by using the main methodologies and standards of the automotive industry.

In-Vehicle Control Units

With vehicle control units we identify all the classic control units present on a vehicle, especially the Body control units, Powertrain, chassis, and so on. They are constantly evolving and always representing new and exciting technological challenges. Kineton has gained significant experience with these ECUs (Electronic Control Units), both with EOM and Tier1, and performs all services related to the V-Cycle of the embedded software.

Powertrain: In a constantly evolving landscape such as the Powertrain system of the automotive industry, which in recent years has been ranging from the traditional thermal engines (petrol or diesel), to hybrid-electric engines, up to purely electric engines, Kineton offers: software development services based on the Model-Based Design methodology, validation and verification of all diagnostics, functional and communication contents, contained in the ECUs, and HIL configuration for the virtual test environment, for all ECUs that verify the propulsion system, as part of the embedded software V-Cycle.

Body: In automotive electronics, the Body Control Module (BCM) typically manages electric window lifters, electric mirrors, air conditioning, immobilizer system, door locking system, internal and external lighting, and so on. But above all, in many architectures, the BCM also works as a gateway between generic vehicle ECUs and powertrain ECUs. For this ECU, Kineton offers software development and software validation services as well as simulation services with HIL methodology for BCM applications.

Chassis: In the automotive sector, the term Chassis refers to all systems that manage vehicle dynamics, such as braking system, steering system, vehicle stability and driving comfort management system, damping system, and tire pressure monitoring. These functionalities are managed by several ECUs that cooperate with each other. For these systems, Kineton offers software services for control logics.

Cluster: The Instrument Panel Control (IPC) allows the driver to view the main driving support information, such as speed, engine temperature, oil pressure, etc. Over time it has experienced a rapid evolution that led to the introduction of the interactive menu, especially the use of digital displays with increasingly cutting-edge graphics. For this ECU, Kineton provides software development services based on the Model-Base Design methodology and validation and verification activities within the V-Cycle of the embedded software.

Autonomous Driving & Connectivity

Modern cars can finally reach out to the surrounding world and provide the driver with amazing infotainment applications. Additionally, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity is used to improve user experience for a variety of ADASs and to achieve full autonomous driving.

Infotainment: As your infotainment solution partner, Kineton provides engineering support throughout your product’s life cycle. Let our services assist you with UX-UI design and development, software architecture, infotainment applications, software development and third-party integration, car-smartphone applications development with connectivity standards and lastly with the product validation.

Connectivity: As your connectivity solution partner, Kineton provides engineering support throughout your plan to achieve the connected car experience. Let our services assist you with the development of advanced vehicle tracking and telematics solutions, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications, in-Car Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions as well as cloud-based automotive platforms.

Autonomous Driving/ADAS: Kineton works across the ADAS development cycle starting from the identification of system requirements and functional analysis. Our expertise in control applications and our knowledge of the main sensors for autonomous driving (RADAR, LiDAR, cameras) make us the right partner to assist you in moving from driver assistance to full autonomous solutions.