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Mechatronics was born as a combination of mechanics and electronics and then developed and integrated with other components such as information technology and intelligent control systems. At Kineton, the Mechatronics Business Unit constitutes an approach and an application that involves a variety of production sectors: manufacturing, therefore the application of the Industry 4.0 methodology, railways, and aerospace. In collaboration with the other business departments, the Mechatronics Area aims at three main targets: the development and transfer of new information and skills from Aeronautical, Aerospace, and IT research operators to the companies; the transfer and application of specific skills in the Automotive and Telecommunications sectors to new areas, leading to the opening of new lines of services but guaranteeing the same level of quality and professionalism to which Kineton has accustomed its customers; the conclusion of innovative projects related to augmented reality, digital twin, and IoT for the industrial sector, to strengthen its presence on international markets in strategic sectors for the industrial production of the future.


Thanks to Kineton’s experience in the world of transport systems, and in particular in the automotive sector, the company can offer on-site consultancy, participation in internal projects through partnerships, development in outsourcing of customer projects also in the Aerospace market.

The transversal skills, which Kineton puts at disposal, are related to:

  • Modeling and Simulation for Control Strategies Design (Digital Twin);
  • Software Development (Model-Based Design);
  • Software Validation (Hardware-In-the-Loop, Rapid Control Prototyping);
  • Data Engineering (AI, Machine Learning).

Kineton can also boast vertical skills on issues of the aerospace domain, such as:

  • Energy Management Solutions;
  • On-Board Data Handling and Subsystem Management Design;
  • Advanced Navigation and Sensor Fusion;
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control Design capabilities.

Within the aerospace industry, we include companies that are involved in the design, production, marketing, and maintenance of aircrafts as well as spacecrafts and specific equipment associated with the sector (e.g. launch vehicles, satellites, ground stations).


Kineton deals with virtual reality, in its most varied meanings that embrace the whole spectrum of the Reality-Virtuality continuum. A virtual reality application requires Human-Computer Interaction skills, images elaboration, 3D modeling, programming, and a deep familiarity with the Gaming Engine environments that allow the harmonization of all the skills involved.

Kineton experts are ready to assist and guide the customers in dealing with the challenges, from contents creation and transformation, up to the multi-user support, passing through the multi-channel nature of proposed actions that are delivered on multiple platforms.

360° immersive experience

The full immersion of a virtual reality experience is a key feature for user involvement. Kineton develops both “low-cost” solutions, which tend to maximize usability (based on cheap cardboard-type devices), and solutions that are aimed at quality and photorealism, which can benefit from the resolution of modern immersive viewers. In any case, Kineton’s contribution is aimed at maximizing the user’s immersion in the proposed simulation/gamification with content, settings, and personalized interaction.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows to overlap virtual objects on images taken by the camera of a smartphone or another device. Modern AR tools permit to insert the augmented contents on optical markers, 3D objects, and surrounding spaces, allowing users to move naturally in the scene by using the device as a window on the AR. Taking advantage of AR, Kineton offers tools for interactive manuals and general information access (IoT, Industry 4.0, etc.)

Industry 4.0

The Mechatronics area aims to pursue the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, namely, the Digital Twin, application of Augmented Reality (AR), the IoT in the industrial field. Starting from R&D projects carried out with important companies in the industrial sector, Kineton can seize the opportunity to integrate, with distinctive skills and contributions, the Quality Control technologies developed by external partners in order to propose innovative Advanced Manufacturing solutions (I 4.0).

The company’s vertical skills on issues more specific to the Industry 4.0 domain concern:

  • Smart Maintenance Solutions using Augmented Reality (AR);
  • Software design for the SCADA system.

Industry 4.0 generally includes companies that deal with the design, production, marketing, and maintenance of embedded systems and monitoring of complex industrial systems (e.g. biomedical, railway, aeronautical, manufacturing). Kineton can provide on-site consultancy and outsourcing development of client projects.