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Kineton, in relation to the world of Television Media and Information Technology, deals with the development and validation of all the applications that can run on the various digital devices that the market offers. The area supports customers in digital and infrastructural transformation, following the growth of distribution platforms and the increasingly specific needs of end-users. Thanks to its active participation in the different working groups, the area contributes to the change and evolution of standards.

Media Entertainment

Our team, made up of technicians of international standards, is ready to meet all the development and validation needs required by the media market. The Kineton group is expert on all types of television signal transmission, whether linear and/or Over the Top Television (OTT), in detail: broadcast, broadband, and hybrid.

Validation: The Quality Assurance team carries out the applications’ certification, developed internally or by third parties, on all types of devices. This allows Kineton to verify that the requirements, set during the project analysis phase, have been respected in order to release a quality certificate.

Development: The development team deals with the creation of applications for all the available platforms in the TV media market: SmartTVs, smartphones, Set-Top Box (STB), OTT, and infotainment. It uses the most modern technologies, with a short time to market thanks to designed and built in-house frameworks that allow rapid implementation of applications, satisfying the needs of the customers.

Tivù: Kineton is the unique and official laboratory for Tivù, which releases the quality certifications for SmartTVs, STBs, and CAM devices, at a national level. The tests performed, designed to validate the quality standard, certify the functioning of the Device Under Testing (DUT) both in terms of hardware on the reception of the DTT and/or SAT signal and software on the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) component. The team follows all the certification phases, supporting the producer from the pre-certification phase, through the certification and up to the post-certification.

HbbTV: Kineton is a member of the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) Association and is one of the six (6) worldwide test centers officially recognized by it. In this context, the Kineton team deals with the development and validation of applications capable of providing viewers with an even more engaging interactive experience.

DVB-I: Digital Video Broadcasting represents a set of open and internationally accepted, conceived for the development and dissemination of digital television. Kineton is a member of the DVB’s working group for the requirements definition and has developed applications that support the new DVB-I standard for SmartTVs, smartphones, and infotainment systems.

TV Geolocation: Kineton has been using proprietary algorithms on its platforms associated with HbbTV services for a long time and has obtained excellent results. New features are being added to these that will allow our customers to obtain more precise and accurate results. Our goal is to achieve precision in the range of about ten KM, even having detailed information on the municipality. Currently, the results are encouraging and Kineton is experimenting with sophisticated algorithms that will allow to improve the User Experience on the one hand and an increasingly reliable tool for content targeting on the other.


The IT Services & Solutions area deals with the design, development, and maintenance of large-scale distributed systems using high-level programming languages ​​and offered in cloud environments.

The experience in insurance, debt collection, and public administration contexts allows Kineton to support the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

IT Validation: The validation of mobile applications, developed internally or by third-party customers, is performed on the entire Kineton device fleet, which spans devices that support Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS operating systems.

Enterprise Solutions: Kineton uses dedicated Competence Centers for the design of large-scale enterprise solutions distributed in cloud environments. Each Competence Center is highly specialized in a particular technology such as Java Enterprise, .Net, and Javascript, and supports the customer in corrective, adaptive, and evolutionary maintenance activities.

Cloud Services: Selection, purchase, and management of cloud services for the supply of distributed systems with the main providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). The migration of pre-existing on-premise systems to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS environments, and solutions.

Mobile Applications: Design, planning, and certification of mobile applications on smartphones and/or wearable devices using the most modern cross-platform development frameworks (React Native, Flutter, etc.) or by adopting a native development approach (Objective-C, Kotlin, Java for Android, HarmonyOS). Particular attention goes to the definition of the User Experience in order to make the product usable and engaging.

IoT Systems: Design and development of IoT systems with ARM (MBed OS, Espressif based) or X84 (Linux / Windows-based) edge devices integrated with cloud platforms and services such as Google IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub.

DevOps Methodology: Kineton, through specialized consultancy, supports customers with the application of the most modern techniques related to the DevOps methodology. These consultancies focus on toolchains configuration for CD/CI using tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Prometheus, AlertManager, ELK, Grafana.


The Automation group deals with applying RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and computer vision techniques in order to verify and validate the correct functioning of software applications running on mobile devices, browsers, STBs, and TVs. The customer is supported in all types of testing with the aim of improving the quality assurance of the product under analysis.

Automation as-a-Service: Only a few companies have among their resources the skills and adequate infrastructure to be able to start a structured automation process. Kineton makes them available to pursue the objectives of its customers:

  • qualified and specialized personnel;
  • two customizable laboratories with a fleet of devices;
  • cloud automation platform.

Extended Reality

Kineton designs and develops solutions that use technologies for extended reality (XR) in its most varied exceptions, embracing the whole spectrum of the virtual reality continuum.

Enhanced Learning: learning management system (LMS) platforms are integrated with microlearning and gamification experiences offered on mobile devices, embedded with virtual reality (VR) and mixed (MR) simulations.

Metaverse: virtual and interactive worlds for collaboration and social gaming platforms.

Gaming: 2D and 3D videogames for smartphones, tablets, SmartTVs.

Industry 4.0: applications for manuals based on augmented reality (AR). These applications are integrated with IoT sensors connected to Digital Twins, which replicate real objects in the virtual world.