The skills in the Telco area are related to the validation of network interoperability systems both in the legacy area (2G/3G & 4G), and for advanced networks (4G +, 5G), and to the validation of HW devices such as, for example, CPE. Particular attention is given to Wi-Fi technology, with which Kineton, based on the required needs, is able to build ad hoc labs to identify, analyze and support the customer in the problem-solving process.

Radio Mobile & WiFi

Mobile Radio tests are carried out between the Devices Under Testing (DUTs) and the different network technologies. The scenarios are performed both in the laboratory and directly in the field, using the different mobile technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G).

WiFi network tests are performed using broadband and ultra-broadband connections belonging to different ISPs. The main validated technologies are 802.11, SU-MIMO, MU-MIMO.

Network Configuration

Kineton has developed a background of skills that enables the creation and optimization of various NETWORK typologies. The certified team is able to implement any kind of network (DHCP, DNS, VPN, DMZ) for its customers. Within the laboratories, any type of test scenarios can be created, including those requiring all the peculiarities of the ISO/OSI Stack.

User Equipment

Kineton certifies the UE devices to be placed on the market, in compliance with the standard, carrying out functional and performance tests as well as verifying connectivity and software features. The availability of appropriate Radio devices is essential to be able to compare, test and validate devices for commercial use.


Automation plays a key role in the telecommunications sector, setting the stage for greater innovation, efficiency, and lasting success. Kineton supports its partners in carrying out in-depth analysis and testing of devices (such as routers, WiFi, CPE, IoT) as well as the applications installed on them to verify their correct functioning.