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17° Forum Europeo Digitale

17° Forum Europeo Digitale

14 October 2020

The FED 2020 is approaching, with Kineton among the protagonists with its platforms.

The event will see its 17th edition in the digital version through the new Connect platform. The topics covered will be IP broadcasting, cloud, new video platforms, video quality, 4K, and switch-off. There will also be space for HbbTV and OTT streaming of video-on-demand platforms, and the European video entertainment scenario will be discussed.

On the 19th and 20th of November, the main broadcasters, technology companies, content providers, associations, and even institutions, will meet digitally to talk about Italian TV and more.

It will be possible to book a demo of KARPKATEKbbTV, and Sharevisor services at the following link: https://connect.forumeuropeo.tv