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Kineton joins RPM Motorsports

Kineton joins RPM Motorsports

10 January 2020

Kineton joins RPM Motorsport.

During the December meeting, Kineton’s participation in RPM, the network of companies operating in the motorsport sector, was made official.

“At Kineton, we strongly believe in the need to diversify markets – said Giovanni Azzarà, Kineton’s EVP Sales – and joining RPM testifies to this. We are sure that the network experience will lead to creating multiple opportunities and business meetings with the motorsport world players; it will be interesting to see what advantages not only in terms of only business are waiting for us. The presence of well-known companies and prominent professionals has led us to fully embrace the project, presented to us by our friend Giorgio Casolari (VP Network Development). “

The SW technologies that Kineton masters can be transposed in the motorsport field, and reciprocally the rapid prototyping processes typical of motorsport can be used in the automotive field.

Francesco Sede, RPM chairman: “RPM was born as a network of Italian excellences to assist and encourage MOTORSPORT technologies and mentality among companies and above all towards the outside world. Kineton is a shining example of Italian excellence, and it is a privilege for us to welcome it into our group, for common growth and development “.


Born in March 2017 from the idea of ​​Prof. Giovanni Fiengo and a group of entrepreneurs, it provides engineering services by developing services and products to manage complex digital systems, from smart TVs to the many electronic control units of a car.

It is one of the few scaleups in the South, based in Naples, Turin, and Milan. It has created an Academy within it, in collaboration with several universities, to train young engineers on skills that are difficult to find on the local job market.


It is a network of companies, born in Modena in March 2019, to promote and give global space to the engineering excellence coming from Italian SMEs operating in the motorsport sector, generating capacity for innovation and other technologically related areas.

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