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Kineton officially joined FederUnacoma

Kineton officially joined FederUnacoma

26 March 2020

Kineton officially joined FederUnacoma as approved by the federation board on the 19th of February.

The National Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers brings together Italian manufacturers of agricultural machinery, components, and gardening machinery, to encourage aggregation and play an increasingly important role in political and institutional seats;

Kineton is the first SW embedded company to join the federation.

With the exponential increase in electronic control units, mainly due to the introduction of electric systems and autonomous driving systems in agricultural vehicles, the demand for dedicated software design and development has grown dramatically, placing us in a position of privileged partner/supplier for technology transfer, strengthened by the automotive experience.

But not only this, just think of our ability to develop mobile applications, cloud technologies, and AR/VR for automation and improvement of tractors’ user experience.

A world of innovation and opportunities is waiting for us.