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Kineton signs the partnership with Manta Aircraft

Kineton signs the partnership with Manta Aircraft

9 November 2021

Kineton signs the partnership with Manta Aircraft for the development of the high-performance HeV/STOL air vehicle platform “ANN”. Three new partners and investors – Kineton, Pantecnica, and Powerflex – join the Swiss company with Italian DNA to further drive the development of the NextGen hybrid-electric V/STOL air vehicle platform “ANN” in their respective areas of expertise, igniting the next stage of technical development.

Naples – November 9, 2021

Kineton, along with Pantecnica and Powerflex, joins the advanced air mobility ecosystem created by Manta Aircraft. The Neapolitan engineering company brings its know-how and expertise in the fields of software development with a particular focus on HMI (Human-Machine Interface) and connectivity. In the context of advanced air mobility, one of the long-term goals for aviation, according to “Flightpath 2050”, is for 90% of citizens to be able to complete a trip inside Europe in four hours or less, within 30 years, using electrically-powered aircraft that can take off and land vertically (known as “eVTOLs”). Across Europe, there are around 3,000 small airports that can be utilized by regional air transport with eVTOLs in the future, for regional point-to-point connections inside and between cities, providing convenient service and contributing to a drastic reduction of urban road traffic and environmental and noise pollution, as well as total CO2 emissions. With a long-time R&D commitment, Kineton, together with Pantecnica and Powerflex, has recognized the program of Manta Aircraft as one of the most advanced in the world, identifying three crucial features:

  • – High aircraft performance and the versatility of the platform;
  • – A hybrid system based on batteries in combination with a power generator that doesn’t require heavy on-board batteries load and expensive ground infrastructure, but whose propulsion system can run on bio-jetA1 or bio-Diesel, highlighting the environmental-friendly operation;
  • – Reduction of noise on take-off and landing due to eight accurately-tuned electrically-driven ducted-fan units.

Kineton offers years of experience and acquired skills combined with the passion for technology and the engaging enthusiasm we transmit. The company will be in charge of the software development of the aircraft, from flight management to the infotainment on board and the Human-Machine Interface, using the skills and experiences gained in the automotive world through years of research and development activities. The management of the data collected during the journey through artificial intelligence techniques makes Kineton a strategic partner in terms of innovation.

We strongly believe in this new collaboration with Manta Aircraft as our mission is to build the future through technology and revolutionary solutions. Manta Aircraft is working on the future of flying and we will proudly be part of it.” Giovanni Fiengo, CEO Kineton