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OBD Digital Summit 2021

OBD Digital Summit 2021

10 September 2021

On September 21, Salvatore Pirozzi, CTO of the Automotive area, attends as co-author the SAE International event “On-Board Diagnostic Digital Summit – Americas” scheduled from September 21 to 23. Participation is allowed remotely by registering at the SAE International website.

Kineton takes part in the paper “SAE JA6268 models as part of OBD development activities” discussed at 16:35 (Italian time, CEST, UTC +2). The presentation focuses on the On-Board Diagnosis (OBD) functions design, validation, and calibration activities. The opportunity also allows to discuss the JA6268TM standard, fault models, and health indicators.

Automotive and commercial vehicle experts from around the world will discuss and exchange vital information regarding OBD systems development, insight into global rules and regulations – for North America, Europe, and China – and SAE standards associated with light- and heavy-duty emissions controls.