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SportItalia and Kineton together again for SI Smart 2.0

SportItalia and Kineton together again for SI Smart 2.0

17 December 2020

SportItalia and Kineton together again. A partnership that continues with the maximum satisfaction for both companies.

“It can be considered an SI Smart 2.0 after the innovative launch in July 2019. Here is the Christmas gift for all Sportitalia viewers, on average one and a half million per day. The only free-to-air sports broadcaster, channel 60 DTT, takes a new step towards the TV of the future, and everything is much easier. For the user who has a classic smart TV connected to the home internet, there will be the possibility to access through the red button an infinite section of content. In 2019 the possibility to watch, for free, 10 HD sports channels, four owned by Sportitalia, six channels of third-party publishers. Starting from today, instead, it will be possible to review all broadcasts, complete matches, focus on all sports and HLTS of all Championships.”

The SI Smart 2.0 application for smart TV is available. The traditional red button becomes a gate to access an offer of free and quality content.