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Startups and SMEs, the importance of regulations in moving from idea to business

Startups and SMEs, the importance of regulations in moving from idea to business

26 May 2022

Startups and SMEs, the importance of regulations in moving from idea to business

It will be discussed in Naples, Wednesday, June 1, at the meeting organized by Editoriale Scientifica and Studio Legale Crupi in partnership with Kineton, for the release of the volume signed by Lawyer Cristina Crupi “The SME Code,” the first guide of innovative companies edited by the expert in Civil and Corporate Law, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation.

Joining attorney Crupi at the meeting will be Valeria Fascione, Research, Innovation and Start up Campania Region; Lorenza Morandini of Angels4Women; Enrico Deluchi of Polihub; Layla Pavone, City of Milan; Giovanni Fiengo of Kineton; Giovanni Iozzia of Digital 360 and InnovUP; and Alfredo De Dominicis of Editoriale Scientifica; Antonio de Lucia Italian PhD Society.

Naples, 26 May 2022 – To delve into the fundamental role that regulations play for startuppers, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and business angels, the appointment is in Naples on June 1 from 10:30 a.m. at the Kineton headquarters (MecFond Complex via Emanuele Gianturco, 23) with the meeting “Startups and SMEs: the importance of regulations to go from idea to business.”

An opportunity for discussion and meeting with Councillor Valeria Fascione, Research, Innovation and Start up Regione Campania; Lorenza Morandini, Angels4Women Member; Enrico Deluchi CEO Polihub; Layla Pavone, Coordinator Board for Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation of the City of Milan; Giovanni Fiengo CEO KinetonGiovanni Iozzia, Chief Editor Digital360 and Advisor InnovUp – Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem; Alfredo De Dominicis, Editor-in-Chief Editoriale Scientifica; Antonio de Lucia, President Italian Doctoral Society; Lawyer Cristina Crupi, expert in Civil and Corporate Law, startups, SMEs and innovation, Founder of Studio Legale Crupi.

Organized by Editoriale Scientifica, Studio Legale Crupi in partnership with Kineton, the meeting takes its cue from the bookstore release of the SME Code. Authored by Attorney Cristina Crupi and published by Editoriale Scientifica, it is the first text that organically collects the regulations that our country has dedicated to innovative SMEs, and presents the opinions and circulars adopted by the MISE to clarify and support the rules. The volume complements the Startup Code, written by Lawyer Crupi in 2020, to create an ideal context, bringing together all the information useful for the business development of innovative SMEs (in continuation with startups), which enjoy tax benefits specially developed by the legislature.

In a period of strong innovation, push toward research and evolution of a market subject to international pressures, it is a key point, especially on the eve of the plans and investments related to the PNRR, to know how the Startup Act and other Italian laws accompany the birth and growth of the Italian innovative ecosystem of startups and SMEs, as well as to understand how to leverage the legislation to support the development and growth of companies.

In today’s complex and changing landscape, the numbers and parameters of innovative companies (startups and SMEs), are positive and confirm Italy’s strong push for evolution, as the MISE explains in its statistics: there are 14,077 companies registered in the special section of the Register of Companies, with increasing share capital (+24.5 million euros, +2.68 percent in the third quarter). Startups and innovative SMEs are not only an established reality but a sector that represents a key industry for Italy. This has been achieved since 2012 by the expansion of the regulatory framework, which has facilitated the birth, growth and development of innovative companies.

The event will be held on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 from 10:30 a.m., in attendance from Kinetons headquarters – MecFond Complex via Emanuele Gianturco, 23 and live-streamed at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl82q7Y5Xfk. Attendance is free, and event registration is appreciated.



Based in Naples, Turin, Milan, and Reggio Emilia, Kineton is a scaleup with strong roots in Southern Italy. Established in March 2017 from the idea of a group of professionals, the company provides cutting-edge engineering services by creating and developing innovative solutions in the main technological sectors: Media, Automotive, Telco, IoT, Gaming, and Aerospace. It develops services and products to manage complex digital systems, from smart TVs to the numerous electronic control units of a car. Kineton offers its customers years of experience and acquired skills summarized in a targeted quality and high-tech offer that has led, after only four years since its birth, to boast some of the major players in the international market in its customer portfolio.

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