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The new Kineton platform for SportItalia

The new Kineton platform for SportItalia

11 May 2019

From next July, TV viewers will find on channel 60 DTT the pleasant surprise of being able to access the programming of 4 thematic channels (always free of charge): Sportitalia HD, SI Solo Calcio, SI Motori, and SI Live24.

Kineton collaborated on the creation of the new SI Smart platform.

“We have been working on this project for ten months with Sportradar and Kineton, and we finally see the light. It is the future, a product aimed at young people and the target that has constantly been following Sportitalia since 2004. Thanks to SmartTVs and the internet, today, there is finally the possibility for a publisher who has content to do more channels. An unthinkable thing on digital terrestrial for bandwidth costs. Obviously, we start a year earlier than the digital revolution that will take place between 2020 and 2021, as Sportitalia did in the past in the transition from analog to DTT. A channel in HD, one dedicated to information and two vertical channels on Football and Motors: our viewers’ passions. All unencrypted and free ads always. Today 27.5% of families have a SmartTV, but the forecasts are clear, and within 12-18 months, all Italians will have a SmartTV at home. It has always been said that the future is internet TV. Here: from this summer Sportitalia will be ready to dive into the future”.

Michele Criscitiello (Sportitalia CEO)