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Kineton bases its success on the continuous activity of Research and Development, so much so to be known as the R&D Company. At Kineton, we have the strong belief that to work in the engineering field, to promote technology to our customers and offer a service or product that can bring value, it is necessary always to be up-to-date and competent on all recent innovations and that the only way to achieve this goal is by using resources, time and people in research and development. At Kineton, we invest on average 15% of our turnover in R&D projects, managing to develop skills that are perhaps unique and certainly recognized by customers. In addition to the skills, thanks to a deep knowledge of the market, we have created products that have been then commercialized. Thanks to this, Kineton is no longer just a service company, but after changing the business model, we have turned into a products company. The following projects are currently underway: