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Kineton offers students with a master's degree the opportunity to carry out their thesis and internship projects on the most innovative national and international market trends. Kineton will offer the most deserving graduates direct employment with the company and a Welcome Bonus of € 1,000.

Opportunities for students

From the very first steps, we have established strong relationships with several universities and research centers, well aware of the level of training guaranteed by the universities and the determination of young people, with the strong belief that the university approach and the culture of research are essential within the company. Many collaborations and initiatives have therefore been created, in order to make Kineton a bridge between the university and the professional world, providing students with specific skills. With this in mind, we are committed to providing scholarships to deserving young students as well as a professional training course in the Kineton Academy classrooms, entirely covered by the company. At the end of the course, there is a concrete possibility of joining the company, in fact, we hire between 70% and 80% of participants.

The link between Kineton and the academic world is solid and essential.

Spontaneous application

We are always looking for new talents to strengthen our team! Submit your thesis to develop with Us!

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